EPEMag.Net Legacy Project Source Codes

Looking for old EPE Magazine project source codes?

The original FTP site (ftp://ftp.epemag.wimborne.co.uk/pub) dates back to 1996 and it hosted EPE's PIC and ATMEL project source code files, Teach-In software and more besides.

In 2010 the files were moved to EPEMag.Net to provide backwards-compatibility with old EPE back issues for the foreseeable future.

Try the web-based 'tree' below to access our mirror of the FTP files. Not compatible with some or older web browsers: try the Classic FTP View instead.

The "tree" below makes it easy to access source codes for older EPE projects & series up to 2008.

EPE 'PIC' hobby projects date back to 1996 and range from musical projects (a sundial that plays a tune at the top of the hour!) to data loggers, electrocardiograms and much more. Check the readme.txt in each folder for descriptions or details of the magazine issue. Back issues are usually not available for very old projects - trying asking in the EPE Chat Zone forum.

For current project files, use the Library at the EPE Magazine website instead. If you're stuck locating an old project source code, please ask us and we'll try to help. Technical help is not available but Chat Zone forum users may be able to lend a hand.

Most PIC source listings were written in Assembler and programmed using TASM before MPASM was widely available, but they may convert successfully with some manual changes. You can download TASM from below.


The legacy address of alan@epemag.demon.co.uk shown on many old library and archive documents is being retired. The correct address to use with immediate effect is alan@epemag.net

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The above tree was based on Dtree by Geir Landr.