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Basic Soldering Guide

If you're new to electronics, or maybe you need to make a repair using a soldering iron for the first time, then the EPE Basic Soldering Guide is the best place to learn the basics of using a soldering iron, or how to desolder a component from a circuit board.



The Basic Soldering Guide for Kindle has been completely rewritten and contains more than 80 colour photos showing all the stages of preparation, soldering and desoldering electronics, along with a simple troubleshooting guide and more besides.

Topics such as soldering iron specifications, tools, fluxes, desoldering and troubleshooting are included and thanks to the plain-English text and photos, the new ebook will soon have you soldering with confidence.

Remember that you don't need a Kindle to read the book, as free readers for Windows, Mac and Android are available from Amazon. Download now from Amazon (B00E8NEGAA) (Not available in all countries.)

Also available: a new full colour paperback version from Wimborne Publishing or your local Amazon site, and An Introduction to Gas Soldering Irons (Amazon Kindle only)

Alan Winstanley.


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