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#"Net Work" is the Internet column written by Alan Winstanley for EPE Magazine. First published in the August 1996 issue, Net Work discusses current trends in the Internet arena that are of interest to EPE readers and the wider audience.

"Net Work is the first feature I turn to when I pick up my latest copy of EPE Magazine" said one reader.


20th Birthday Anniversary of Net Work!

As featured in August & September 2016 issues of EPE Magazine, I recount the evolution of the Internet as we know it today, starting with the development of the SAGE defense system in the USA in the 1950's.

Reprint of the original 1996 article (PDF) click here

Youtube Video USAF documentary on SAGE (correct URL*)

In fact the URL printed in my article is correct, but Youtube 404's it. Adding /v= into the URL fixes it.

IBM (1956) The story of SAGE IBM Military Products presentation on Semi-Automatic Ground Environment, the US post-war air defence command and control system.

Internet Glossary explaining the meaning of many common Internet-related terms.

EPE Net Work A-Z Best of the Net My early selection of some of the best electronics-related websites and resources. First started in 1996.