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It's back! "Net Work" is the Internet page written by Alan Winstanley for EPE Magazine. First published in August 1996, the EPE Net Work A-Z Best of the Net is a listing of electronics-related web links specially chosen for their educational value or usefulness to the electronics hobbyist.

The list was fully groomed in June 2010: a sad reflection of our fast-changing world was the number of old favourites, some dating back to the mid 1990's, that were 404. The A-Z has been slimmed down and will grow again over time.

We'll consider linking to commercial or manufacturers' web sites if they contain free educational or training resources/ downloads, useful data sheets or other information that hobbyists, students and professionals would appreciate. If you know of a suitable site, or you run one yourself, please contact EPEMag.Net -- let us know the URL, a brief description and why you think it will appeal to our readers. Alan Winstanley.


Acronyms Dictionary Probably the best on-line Acronyms listing to be seen anywhere. Check those TLAs.
Anandtech Anandtech on-line reviews, archives and essential PC techie data. (US-based.)
Antex Popular soldering iron and equipment manufacturer.
The Art of Electronics Web Page for the popular electronics reference book
The Basic Desoldering Guide Introducing the latest photo sequence in our popular and acclaimed on-line resource.
Bibliofind Book-site with a difference - secondhand books from around the world, great for esoteric technical books. Now owned by Amazon.com. (Dr. David Harrison.)
Bowood Electronics - UK retailer of electronic components.
Car-Go Battery Car-Go Inc. is an American battery reseller. Worth browsing for data and info.
CIBSE Chartered Institution of Building Engineers: if you're involved with electronic control systems in building work, e.g. industry and civil buildings, you may find some interesting data here. Also of general interest.(Murray Cameron.)
Circuit Magic software for teaching theory to students. Supports simulation using Kirchhoff's laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods. Schematic and vector diagram editors included. (Andrey Kononov.)
Compukit UK101 Home Page Remember the Compukit UK101, the late 1970's single-board computer? All sorts of UK101-related information is available here on this enthusiastic site maintained by John Honniball.
The Constants & Equations Pages Andrew Stott is the designer and maintainer of the TCAEP, featuring hundreds of equations, constants, Periodic Table and much more. Excellent education resource. (New URL.)
Cricklewood Electronics London based electronics supplier, vast range of ic's, transistors etc.
David Tait's Home Page Legacy PICmicro-related links and resources.
DIY Electronics Hong Kong based kit manufacturer. Lots of links and topical opinions on this site.
Dogpile Combined all-in-one search engine.
Dolby Laboratories Inc. The Web Site of the pioneers of noise reduction systems.
Dontronics Don McKenzie's huge resource for Atmel & PIC micro hardware and software, kits and products. Australian.
Don Klipstein's Home Page Anything to do with lighting, fluorescent tube dimming, the Blue LED FAQ, xenon tubes and more.
Don Lancaster's web site (the Guru's Lair) Home of the well-known American electronics writer with a variety of interesting material available.
Duracell Batteries (USA) Technical data and info. on Duracells.
EG3 An essential bookmark for all electronics engineers, embedded systems and more.
EEWeb Superb resource put together for electrical and electronics engineers. Includes EEWeb Electronics and Electrical Engineers Forum. Recommended.
Electronics2000 Beginners guides, interactive calculators and more. (Simon Carter)
Electronics in Meccano On-Line Quarterly magazine to encourage the adoption of electronics in Meccano models (new address).
Electronics Today International Legacy web site of the previous editors.
Electrostatic Solutions Ltd. Answers related to ESD and static electricity (e.g. static shocks from cars etc.) will be found here, well worth a look. (Dr. Jeremey Smallwood.)
EPE Online Our on-line international edition, available for download, only $9.99 for twelve issues!
ESR Components offer a kit service for EPE readers.
Everything PCB Resource guide for the PCB industry (Danny Carr)
Exploratorium The Museum of Science, Art and Human Perception, San Francisco.
Farnell Components The world's largest catalogue-based distributor. Buy online.
Feedback & Temperature Control Shows how feedback affects circuits, using an oven as an example. (Dr CDH Williams, University of Exeter UK.)
Fluorescent Lighting On-line document on fluorescent lamps, worth bookmarking. (Paul Fletcher.)
Freedrive A web-based FTP space service, where you can upload, store and share files with your friends. 20MB free for some advertising. (Bob Winstanley.)
GRC Gibson Research Corp. web site - Shields Up! and SpinRight hard disk recovery program
Harry's Homebrew Page Tons of stuff, circuits, PCB production and loads more besides, well worth checking over. (Possibly gone 404 as at July 2016)
Peter Hayles' Home Page Electronics & Computing Home Page - Avionics, military aircraft, NiCd charger and more (Peter Hayles)
Henry's Radio (London) London-based electronics supplier
The History of the Telephone Excellent on-line feature courtesy of Tom Farley.
Institute of Engineering & Technology IET Home Page.
Introduction to Sensors by Dr CDH Williams, University of Exter
INTUTE An engineering starting point for higher academic and research communities.
Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse Pinouts for PC, SUN, MAC, USB Courtesy of Network Technologies Inc., hardware pinout data. (Matt Waite.)
Steve Kropla's Help for World Travellers Planning a trip overseas? You'll find lots of info. about overseas electric supplies and phones systemsin this Global Electric & Phone Directory.
Liberty BASIC for Windows programming novices and enthusiasts of Liberty Basic. Forums, tutorials, more besides. (Carl Gundel.)
Macdisk Macintosh to PC cross platform advice.
Magenta Electronics Long established supplier of kits, PIC Icebreaker, TENS unit and more.
Maplin Mail order supplier of components etc.
Mast's Home Page Microcontrollers, electronics, book, computing and more.
Matrix Multimedia Publishers of PICmicro tutorial CDROMs, hardware and more.
The First Microchip Texas Instruments' corporate site dedicated to the work of TI engineer Jack Kilby.
Microchip The Home Page of Microchip PICmicro microcontrollers.
Mike's Electric Stuff Incredible site by Mike Harrison depicting vintage glass valves (tubes), scary-looking Tesla coil experiments, EHT experiments, blasting chips with EHT. Great fun, must see!
Milford Instruments Controls and robotics kits, Parallax Basic stamps, robotic kits and more.
Mijo Kovacevic's (S51KQ) web site 87MB of data, projects, telecoms, digital camcorder DV-IN data, microwave ham radio, 68010, '51, PIC & AVR, lots more. (Slovenia.)
MMLogic Multimedia Logic System Demo available of a PC logic simulator software package.
Mozilla.org The home of the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird.
Mushroom Components A U.K. source of obsolete semiconductors, this site has a search engine which might help you out.
Music Machines Home of musical electronica on the web. Music machines offers images, software, schematics, and lots of tips and comments from electronic musicians all over the Internet. (Simon Davis.)
Northern Connectors Specialist industrial distributor of connectors, but accepts debit/ credit cards with low minimum order level. Catalogues downloadable.
OK Industries Specialist electronics tool, soldering and hardware manufacturer.
Opera Software Opera is an independently-designed and unique web browser.
Parallax Inc. BASIC Stamps, PIC development tools.
Peak Electronic Design Ltd. Manufacturer of professional and hobbyist test equipment, this site has several attractions on display (literally!).
'PIC' Project Mirror Enthusiastic mirror of EPE micro codes is maintained by Thomas Stratford in the U.K.
Philips (NXP) Semiconductors Data sheets for their families of analog and digital devices, e.g 74HCT etc. Formerly Philips Semiconductors.
PKWare The home of PKZIP file compression software.
PM Services PCB related information from a professional PCB manufacturer
Proteus PCB Design software by Labcenter Electronics.
QBASIC Resource from folks who think QBASIC is a great learning tool - lots of QBASIC info here. (Dr. David Harrison.)
Quasar Electronics Mail order specialists in unusual kits, surveillance items and electronic components.
Radio & Electronics.com Resources and analysis forelectronics engineers.
Raspberry Pi British credit-card sized computer set to take the world by storm.
Rayovac Batteries Web site with lots of data for OEM's and consumers.
Rickard's PIC Wall Another fine example of PIC enthusiasm. Check "Pong" - a 4MHz PIC running at 12MHz and playing Pong! English/ Swedish.
RS Components RS (Radio Spares - not to be confused with Radio Shack) is a huge, supplier of components to European industry.
Sagebrush Systems "MouSing" Theremin Simulator for the PC, plus more interesting shareware (Wind Chimes, Wave Sounds, Applaud), available on trials.
Schoolzone Educational resource search engine, results vetted and approved by a panel of teachers.
Sci Central American site created for scientists and engineers. Over 120 scientific disciplines, leading to 50,000 sites or more.
Science Hobbyist Bill Beaty's site on anything to do with amateur science. Tons of interesting things to do here. Tesla coils, Jacob's ladders, etc.
Sensors Magazine Online Sensors magazine (Steve Yates)
Simtel Net The popular "Simtel" shareware software repository.
Sir-Kit Electronics Long-established EPE advertiser, providing electronics kits for beginners and those studying GCSE Electronics.
Snapfiles Popular directory of downloadable freeware, shareware and software. With user ratings.
SPICE 3 User's Manual HTML version, also includes a search facility, cross-references and notes. (Dr CDH Williams, University of Exeter UK.)
Stepper Motors Ian Harries' site with links for anything to do with stepper motors
Synthesiser FAQ, The Internet Music synthesiser site with lots of help on hand for synth fans. (Simon Davis.)
Symantec Anti Virus Research Center Leading source of virus data and software to combat the latest virii.
TimelyPick Science Pages A roundup of popular science news (Galit Zamler)
Tom Boyd's Home Pages - School/ hobby electronics Basics, links and more in this enthusiast's web site.(Tom Boyd.)
Tutor Hunt provides a free service to help tutors and students locate each other. It's used by thousands of parents and students.
UK Universities, Colleges & Research Sites Locate any British University with this fantastic UK Academic Site map. The easiest way to find any address.
Unusual Diode FAQ - all sorts of useful info. concerning diode technology and usage - see what a brick-built diode looks like! URL 404 - NOW ARCHIVE.ORG FILE
Varta Batteries Excellent site of the battery manufacturers, with lots of data.
Varta Watch Batteries Techncal data for button batteries.
Wenzel Associates Commendable mix of commercial and hobby electronics, contains many tutorials and some very interesting projects in their technical library, written by those nice folks at Wenzel. (Bob Schoonmaker, New York).
Windrivers Got a Windows PC? This is the place to search for driver updates and patches or components, software and base units.
WinZIP Best "ZIP" file compression/ decompression software for Windows. Understands a great many file types.
The Xtal Set Society Great resource with plans, books, tips etc. for constructing crystal set radio receivers. (USA.)
4QD TEC Electronics circuits reference Archive

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