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#EPEMag.Net is the #1 independent web site supporting EPE - Everyday Practical Electronics magazine. It's designed to support EPE readers and hobby electronics enthusiasts, as well as being an online outlet for occasional reviews and reference articles.

EPEMag.Net is maintained independently by EPE's own Online Editor, Alan Winstanley, who has written EPE's Net Work column since 1996, runs the EPE Chat Zone forum and also works in a freelance capacity.

Since 1975 many EPE readers have 'cut their teeth' in hobby and educational electronics with Alan's help over the years. You can learn more at the author's website alanwinstanley.com which includes free reprints of his legacy constructional projects and the history behind them.


The legacy address of alan@epemag.demon.co.uk shown on many old library and archive documents is being retired. The correct address to use with immediate effect is alan@epemag.net

Alan Winstanley.

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